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We hope all our Badger families had a fantastic summer full of swimming!

Summer may be over but the swimming doesn’t need to end! Fall registration is now open.

This Fall 2016 season we are offering four Learn to Swim Programs.

Begin to Swim
Our Begin to Swim program is a 30 minute lesson program typically for kids ages 3-5. Children in this group do not know how to swim successfully on their own. We keep a ratio of 4:1 at this level from children to instructors. During the first session, swimmers will be placed into level 1, 2 or 3. Child must be out of diapers.
Learn more about Begin to Swim

Stroke Development
Stroke Development is a 35 minute program typically for kids ages 5-7.  This class focuses on teaching more advanced strokes, proper body head and arm positioning in the water, as well as kicking and breathing techniques. Improving stroke ability enables a swimmer to use less energy and move faster in the water.  This is an appropriate group for swimmers who have already developed survival skills in the water, meaning if they are 10 yards into the pool, they can get to the side on their own. We keep a ratio of 6:1 at this level from children to instructors. During the first session, swimmers will be placed into level 1, 2 or 3.
Learn more about Stroke Development

Advanced Stroke
The Advanced Stroke Group is a 50 minute program for 6-8 year-olds and is considered a fourth level in stroke development and intended to bridge the gap between stroke development and the transition team. Our coaches will periodically be in the water with the children at this level. This is a non-competitive group focused on advancing swimmers skills towards the goal of advancement to the Transition or competitive team in the future.
Learn more about Advanced Stroke

Transition Team
Transition team is a combination of our previously named 8 & Unders and 11 & Unders group.
This is a non-competitive group, focused on advancing swimmer’s skills towards the goal of competition in the future. This is a 7 month program. Modeled after our competitive program, this is the perfect program for any swimmer looking to continue the progress made with their summer swim team, or for anyone looking to refine and improve their stroke technique on a non-competitive level. These 90 minute practices target ages 7-12 and focus on mastering the four legal competitive strokes, dives and flip turns. Swimmers will be evaluated on the first day of the session and will be placed in developmentally appropriate and ability appropriate swim group. For those not quite ready for this level of commitment, please look at our new Advanced Stroke class to help swimmers prepare for this level.
Learn more about Transition Team

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    when do your fall session classes start? thank you!

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