Hello Parents! We are so excited that you are considering the Badger Learn to Swim program for your children. Teaching children to swim has been a family tradition since the 1950’s and we have taught thousands of children to swim throughout those years. Below are some questions we are frequently asked about our program.

We are connected to the famous Badger Swim Club, this is true, but we are not trying to create Olympians at our Learn to Swim program. The Collins family have been teaching, training and creating all levels of swimmers for over 65 years through 4 generations. We created the Badger learn to swim program to continue the love of water that the Collins family enjoys. Whether you are going on a watery vacation to the tropics and want your children to be safe around the beach, taking your children on a fishing trip or just enjoying your backyard pool, the Badger Learn to Swim program is for you.


All of our swimmers will be evaluated during their first lesson and will be placed into a level within the group according to ability.

Parents on the pool deck

We ask that parents are not on pool deck during lessons. We find that it is a distraction not only for the swimmers, but also for the instructors. At the Hommocks location, we ask that parents watch from the hallway. At the Manhattanville College pool location in Purchase, NY, we ask that parents watch from the balcony.

Please feel free to walk your child through the locker room onto the pool deck to find his or her instructor, and then exit the pool deck.

This is simply a safety matter to ensure that all eyes are on the children in the water at all times.

Locker Room policy

We recommend that swimmers come prepared to swim and when possible, wear home towel pants and sweatshirts. However, if you require use of the locker rooms to change, please remember that the pools are located in schools and are often shared with other teams and we must abide by the expected locker room etiquette. If your child is in kindergarten or above, please have them use their gender specific locker room. If a parent or caretaker of the opposite gender (than the child) is accompanying the swimmer (kindergarten age or above), please have them wait right outside the opposite genders locker room until the swimmer is finished.

Make Up Policy

We know things happen. However, we are a ratio driven program which makes it difficult to grant make up days on days swimmers are not registered for. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Please come prepared!

  • Bathing suit
  • Towel (Towel pants are great too!)
  • Goggles
  • Swim caps are highly encouraged, or hair should be tied up.


Payment is due at the time of registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my child is placed into a certain level within a group at the time of evaluation, yet demonstrates skills to move up a level or group, does he/she need to wait until the next registration session to move up?

No. Once an instructor sees the necessary skills to move up a level or group, they will let you know right away that it is time to move up.


What is the average temperature of the water at the Hommocks Pool?

Typically, it is kept around 83 degrees. If any child finds the pool to be cold, they are welcome to wear a surf shirt or wetsuit.


Do you offer Private Lessons?

At this time, we no longer offer private lessons. Our ratios are 4:1 for Pre-team swimmers and 6:1 for developmental swimmers in our group lessons.


If my child misses a swim lesson, can he/she do a make up class?

Due to our swimmer to instructor ratios, it is difficult to accommodate make up’s on days that swimmers are not registered for.


What is the size of the pool?

Hommocks. 16 x 25 yard lanes, New Rochelle HS 8 x 25 yard lanes, Manhattanville 6 x 25 yard lanes

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