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Where young swimmers learn the basics in the pool

About the Program

Our Begin to Swim program is a 30 minute lesson program typically for kids ages 3-6. Children in this group do not know how to swim successfully on their own. We keep a ratio of 4:1 at this level from children to instructors. During the first session, swimmers will be placed into level 1, 2 or 3. Child must be out of diapers. One registration per child is required. You may only register for one type of program at a time. (For Example, you may not register your child for begin to swim and stroke development.) There is a maximum enrollment policy for Begin to Swim of up to 2 classes per week. Classes are first come, first served. Once classes are full, please email for waitlist. Waitlist persons will be contacted in the order in which requests were received.

Begin to Swim program goals

Level 1.1 Goals

  • Teaching comfort in water
  • Bubbles: on surface, with mouth and nose submerged, with mouth nose and eyes under, bobs
  • Roll front to back and back to front
  • Assisted back float
  • Assisted kicking front and back with manipulative
  • Assisted arms on front with manipulative
  • Safe entries and exits, assisted jumping

Level 1.2 Goals

  • Fully submerging and holding breath
  • Assisted streamline kicking on front and back
  • Unassisted back float
  • Unassisted kicking front and back with manipulative (i.e. kickboard or noodle)
  • Unassisted pulling on front with manipulative
  • Unassisted arms and legs on front with manipulative
  • Front and back glide in streamline off/to wall
  • Combined arms and legs on front, 5 yards
  • Independent jumping

Level 1.3 Goals

  • Fully submerging and holding breath, 10 seconds
  • Back float, 15 seconds
  • Unassisted streamline kicking on back, 5 yards
  • Unassisted underwater streamline kick from push off, 10 yards
  • Assisted combined arms and legs on back
  • Introduction of rotary breathing
  • Entry by jumping in, submerging, and surfacing to swim to instructor
  • Combined arms and legs on front, building endurance towards a full lap

Schedule and Dates

Winter 2024 class schedule

Mondays 5.25pm – 5.55pm at Hommocks pool

Winter 2024 session

  • 8 week session
  • 1/22 – 3/18
  • No class on 2/19

Important Information

For Winter 2024 classes are an 8 week program.  View more information for parents

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