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Where young swimmers are introduced to technique.

About the program

Stroke Development is a 60 minute class typically for kids ages 6-8 who can swim 25 yards of unassisted freestyle and some preliminary backstroke. This class focuses on teaching more advanced strokes, proper body head and arm positioning in the water, as well as kicking and breathing techniques. Improving stroke ability enables a swimmer to use less energy and move faster in the water.

This is an appropriate group for swimmers who have already developed survival skills in the water. We keep a ratio of 6:1 at this level from children to instructors. During the first session, swimmers will be placed into level 1, 2 or 3.

One registration per child is required. You may only register for one type of program at a time. (Example, you may not register your child for stroke development and advanced stroke.)

There is a maximum enrollment policy for Stroke Development of up to 2 classes per week.

Classes are first come, first served. Once classes are full, please email for waitlist. Waitlist persons will be contacted in the order in which requests were received.

Stroke Development program goals

Level 2.1 Goals

  • All of the Begin-to-swim Goals through Level 1.3
  • Developing freestyle form and building endurance
  • Developing proper backstroke arm technique, including arm rotation and proper pull

Level 2.2 Goals

  • Refining freestyle and backstroke technique
  • Building endurance in freestyle, 50 yards & building endurance in backstroke & breaststroke
  • Introduction of elementary kick and stroke

Level 2.3 Goals

  • Refining freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke techniques
  • Building endurance in freestyle, 50 yards & building endurance in backstroke & breaststroke
  • Dolphin kicking on front and back in streamline
  • Introduction of preliminary butterfly skills

Schedule and Dates

Class Schedule

Hommocks Pool in Larchmont, NY

Monday 6pm – 6:30pm
Monday 6:30pm – 7:00pm

Wednesday 6pm -6:30pm
Wednesday 6:30pm – 7:00pm

Friday 6pm -6:30pm
Friday 6:30pm – 7:00pm

Dates for Fall 2021 session

  • Monday start date is 9/13/2021. 10 classes in fall session. No class 10/11. Last class is 11/22/21.
  • Wednesday start date is 9/15/2021. 10 classes in fall session. Last class is 11/17/21.
  • Friday start date is 9/17/21. 10 classes in fall session. No class on 10/31 & 11/26. Last class is on 12/03/21.

Important Information

For Fall 2021 session, all classes are a 10 week program.

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