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About the program

The Advanced Stroke Group is a 50 minute program for swimmers who can swim all 4 strokes and is considered a fourth level in stroke development and intended to bridge the gap between stroke development classes and the transition team.

Our coaches will periodically be in the water with the children at this level. This is a non-competitive group focused on advancing swimmers skills towards the goal of advancement to the Transition or competitive team in the future.

Swimmers MUST know all 4 stokes in order to be enrolled in this group.

One registration per child is required. You may only register for one type of program at a time. (Example, you may not register your child for stroke development and advanced stroke.)

Classes are first come, first served. Once classes are full, please email for waitlist. Waitlist persons will be contacted in the order in which requests were received.

Advanced Stroke program goals

3.1 Goals

  • Introduction to, and basic understanding of, USA Swimming rules for safe pool conduct (e.g. feet first entry into the water during warm-up).
  • Introduction of all basic stroke drills.
  • Each swimmer will demonstrate progress/improvement on the following: freestyle/backstroke flutter-kick, stream-lined body position, and bilateral breathing.
  • Improve aerobic efficiency (i.e., build and develop strength and stamina).

3.2 Goals

  • Demonstration of USA Swimming rules for safe pool conduct.
  • Swimmers will demonstrate proficiency in freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly drills.
  • Swimmers will demonstrate legal stroke mechanics/technique in Freestyle and Backstroke, conforming to USA Swimming competition requirements (e.g., remaining on back for the entirety of a backstroke race, completing the race and touching the wall at the end of a freestyle race).
  • Intro to head-first racing dive from either the deck or starting block.
  • Introduction to freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly turn mechanics.

3.3 Goals

  • Intro to competition relay start.
  • Intro to interval sets using a pace clock or other time-keeping system.
  • Swimmers will work towards ability to complete a 100 yard Individual Medley, with legal stroke mechanics and technique.

Schedule and Dates

Class Schedule

Hommocks Pool
Mondays 5:35pm – 6:15pm
Wednesdays 5:35pm – 6:15pm
Fridays 5:35pm – 6:15pm            Saturdays (@ Manhattanville College in Purchase)       10:45am – 11:25am

Dates for Winter 2020 session

  • Monday start date is 1/6/2020. 10 classes in winter session. No class 1/20, 2/17. Last class is 3/23/20.
  • Wednesday start date is 1/8/20. 11 classes in winter session. No class 2/19. Last class is 3/25/20.
  • Friday start date is 1/10/20. 10 classes in winter session. No class 1/17, 2/21. Last class is on 3/27/20.
  • Saturday start date is 1/11/20. 9 classes in winter session. No class 1/18, 2/15, 2/22. Last class is on 3/28/20.

Important Information

Swimmers MUST know all four strokes to register for Advanced Stroke.

For Winter 2020, Monday classes are a 10 week program. Wednesday classes are an 11 week program. Friday classes are a 10 week program & Saturday is a 9 week program.

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